Mowing & Trimming

We offer mowing and trimming on a weekly or one-time service. With each mowing, we will trim around all buildings and other obstacles within the area. All debris (small twigs, limbs, etc.) will be removed from the grass areas prior to mowing. Excess grass clippings will be raked or bagged as needed to maintain a neat appearance.

Leaf Removal & Property Clean Up

We offer leaf removal, or collecting and depositing of leaves in a designated area, from the lawn and mulch areas.  We also are available for spring clean ups and for storm debris clean up.

Weeding & Mulching

We can maintain your flower beds, walk ways, driveways and lawns to keep them free of weeds. We can do this by hand or with herbicides.


You'll be proud of your yard or business when you let Jimmy G's manage your landscaping.  Our trained staff will advise you on the best solutions for problem areas and put together a look you'll love and your neighbors will envy.

Shrub Pruning

We take care of all current hedges, ornamental shrubs, bushes, etc as needed during the season to encourage blooms on blooming shrubs and to maintain a professional appearance.


We make sure that your walk ways, driveways and curbs will be maintained for a nice, neat appearance.

Power Washing

We power wash walk ways, driveways, homes, buildings, retaining walls and more. We can remove unwanted oil, paint, mildew, pests or just unwanted dirt and debris. We only use common cleaners that are safe for you and the environment.

Service Areas

Now serving the River Valley. 

Call today and let Jimmy G's make your yard beautiful.


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